Back Doctor Lincoln Square Chicago

Back Doctor Lincoln Square Chicago
At one time or another just about everyone experiences some manner of back pain. Whether you are young, middle aged or elderly, we have good news for you! Back pain relief is on the way! The Lakeside Spine & Wellness Clinic has four exceptional chiropractors who have been able to help countless Chicago residents with the back pain treatment and back pain relief they deserve at a price they can afford. Statistics show that nearly 90% of the population suffers from back pain at some time during their lives. You are not alone. Although back pain is an awful nuisance, Lakeside has a remedy for it. Considered to be the foremost chiropractic clinic in the region, Lakeside Spine & Wellness has four exceptionally talented professionals ready and eager to help you get back into having a pain-free life again. Whether you are suffering from unrelenting back pain or sciatica, the team at Lakeside Spine & Wellness are capable of delivering the back pain relief you need. It is not surprising to discover that whenever our Lincoln Square neighbors are looking for the best back doctor in the region, the only name they need to know is Lakeside Spine & Wellness.

Back Pain Relief Lincoln Square Chicago

Lincoln Square is one of Chicago’s 77 community areas on the North Side with more than 80,000 residents who call it home. Lakeside Spine & Wellness is located at 5100 N. Ravenswood Avenue slightly more than one mile northeast of Lincoln Square. Lincoln Square patients prefer to go to a back doctor at Lakeside Spine & Wellness because we are close, professional, and affordable. When a Lincoln Square patient or family member is feeling out of sorts and having difficulty performing the tasks they used to do, they reach out to the professional team at Lakeside to provide them with the back pain relief they require. We are well-known for having an outstanding staff and amazing back pain doctors who are more than ready and willing to help restore our Lincoln Square patients back to 100%. Whenever Lincoln Square patients come to see a doctor at our clinic, they know that not only will their back doctor meet their expectations, but they will regularly exceed them.

Back Pain Treatment Lincoln Square Chicago

By using the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) to correctly diagnose your back pain, you will notice back pain relief and results before you know it. That is due to the fact that with MDT, your back doctor is capable of ensuring you have the best back pain treatment plan that fits you perfectly. Your back doctor will work with you to establish a customized, personal treatment plan that will allow you to take control of your back pain symptoms when you are on your own. Prevention is the key to helping you avoid any habits which may get in the way of your back pain relief. All procedures are geared toward helping you remain pain free without depending upon unnecessary medication and invasive medical procedures. To learn how Lakeside Spine & Wellness Clinic near Lincoln Square Chicago can help restore you to pain-free living, call us at 773-260-0595 to schedule an appointment, today. Our clinic hours are as follows:

  • Monday–Thursday, 9 AM–7 PM
  • Friday, 9 AM–6 PM
  • Saturday, 9 AM–2 PM
  • Sunday, closed
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