Sciatica and Back Pain Treatment Ravenswood

Are you suffering from back pain in Ravenswood? It affects up to 87% of the population in this country, can negatively impact quality of life, and is among the most frequent causes for missed days of work. Dr. Andrew Kiper, DC, of Lakeside Spine and wellness, located in Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago IL, has alleviated back pain and restored mobility for countless patients throughout the north-side communities of Chicago.

Back Pain Q & A

What Causes Back Pain?  Most back pain results from chronic flexion (bending, sitting) in poor posture.  In rarer seen cases degenerative changes, arthritis, chemical inflammation and or trauma may be the cause of the symptoms. Poor posture puts chronic stress on the spine, and improper body mechanics such as lifting incorrectly, doing improper exercises at the gym may also cause damage such as disc bulges to occur. Degeneration of the spine which is commonly diagnosed on X-ray and MRI, is similar to getting grey hairs and is a NORMAL part of the aging process. We do NOT recommend our patients to get imaging unless red-flags are present that warrants it.

How Can Chiropractic and MDT Treatment Help Back Pain?  The overwhelming majority of low back and neck pain is mechanical and discogenic in nature which means it originates from a damaged vertebral disc. This occurs in most cases because of constant bending, sitting or flexing. These movements or positions cause discs to protrude and irritate spinal nerves, which in turn, leads to muscle spasms and possibly radiating symptoms into the buttock or legs and even feet. The same scenario is responsible for most cervical spine (neck) pain, as well. Dr. Kiper uses movement therapy (MDT) to both diagnose and treat these problems. Adjustments are used to further enable patients’ end range of motion to correct the dysfunction.

How Long Will It Take to Correct the Problem?  A single treatment may solve back pain that is of short duration. Many patients, however, have been dealing with back pain for some time before they see a chiropractor, and have changed their gait or posture to accommodate the pain. Long-standing back pain will nearly always take more treatments and time. Surgery should always be considered as a LAST RESORT and all conservative care must be exhausted before surgery is looked into. Most of the time patients who have been told by surgeons that they need surgery, fully reduce with the proper mechanical care and treatment.

Back pain and sciatica are just some of the many ailments we treat. Contact us at 773.828.9506, today, if you are suffering from arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain in Ravenswood, Chicago or other sports style injuries.

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