Chiropractic Adjustments

Joint Manipulation / Adjustments

The Chiropractic Manipulation, also known as an “adjustment”,  has repeatedly been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. At Lakeside Spine and Wellness, Dr. Andrew Kiper, Dr. Samuel Pare, Dr. Ivette Mendez and Dr. Roman Lahr use Motion Palpation techniques to identify hypo-mobile (stiff) joint segments that would benefit from manipulation. Hyper-mobile (excessive movement) joint segments, such as the mid-cervical (middle of the neck) spine in most patients, are joints that typically do not need manipulation and can be treated effectively with MDT or other exercises.

During an adjustment procedure, the doctor will place his hands on the area to be treated and apply a gentle yet quick movement over the joint. The joint usually elicits a “pop” or “crack”, (similar to the sound heard when cracking ones knuckles) the term for this audible release is cavitation, which is trapped gas in the fluid of the joint capsule being released from the joint space during an adjustment, and is completely normal and safe. Most patients find chiropractic adjustments to be a very pleasant and pain-reliving experience.

The goal of the Chiropractic Adjustment is toIncrease joint mobility and range of motion, relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm, restore optimal joint function, and stimulate the nervous system.

We understand that some people are hesitant to explore this option, so we will discuss the risks and benefits of this remarkably SAFE procedure with you. We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions so that you are comfortable before moving on. Our doctors will never adjust a patients neck if they are uncomfortable or do not need the procedure as part of their care. Contact us to schedule your chiropractic adjustment in Ravenswood, IL.

For more information visit the website for Motion Palpation Institute, a leading nonprofit organization devoted to teaching Motion Palpation techniques to science and evidence-based Chiropractic students.

Many “old-school” philosophy and energy-based chiropractors teach their patients that “their bones are out of alignment”, which is named a “subluxation” and they need to be “re-aligned” by frequent adjustments to reduce pressure on nerves and allow the bodies natural energy to heal itself.

This is unfortunately an outdated and unscientific belief system held by less than half of the current Chiropractic profession. Many patients have plenty of joint mobility and over manipulation can cause more problems than good. Specific MDT exercises will be shown for self-treatment and to assist in holding the adjustment so treatment plans can be short and effective and the patient does not become reliant on endless adjustments.

Contact us today if you are experiencing arm, shoulder, or neck painhip or knee pain, or suffer from migraines. We provide pain relief through proven therapy methods in Ravenswood, Andersonville, Lincoln Square or surrounding areas of Chicago.


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