Hip and Knee Pain in Ravenswood

Besides neck and low back pain, we see and treat other common conditions like hip and knee pain in Ravenswood at Lakeside Spine and Wellness. Many times a patient will come into the office with knee pain and after a full evaluation we find that the knee is NOT the cause of the pain at all and the pain is actually coming from the low back. The same can be true with the hip.

If the low back is ruled out as the culprit with MDT, the extremity joints respond to mechanical end-range loading just as well as the spine. Everything in the body is connected, so if a patient is having a foot issue, that may manifest itself into the knee and vice versa. We do not chase pain, but rather find the cause of the problem and attack it head on.

Hip and knee pain can be extremely debilitating in every day life and can progressively get worse if left untreated. Lakeside Spine & Wellness has great success treating these common ailments, and will teach the patient ways to prevent future occurrences.

Hip and knee pain are just some of the many ailments we treat. Contact us at 773.828.9506, today, if you are suffering from arm pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines in Ravenswood, Chicago or other sports style injuries.