Meet Our Team

Dr. Andrew Kiper
Dr. Andrew KiperClinic Director / Chiropractic Physician / Webster Cert
Andrew Kiper (founder of Lakeside Spine & Wellness) moved to Chicago in 2001 from Bloomington, IL to attend Columbia College. He majored in TV/Film production with a minor in American Sign Language. While working in the film and television industry he began to have neck pain for no apparent reason. After months of chronic pain, headaches and muscle stiffness, he was introduced to Chiropractic medicine. Growing up in a family that relied strictly on traditional Western medicine, he was a bit unsure if Chiropractic or conservative care of any kind would work for him. After three visits with his new Chiropractic Physician, the pain had completely vanished and he felt better than ever before! He was immediately drawn to the profession and within a few weeks had decided to leave his job and go back to school to become a Chiropractor himself! In school, he soon realized he had a natural ability and passion for helping people suffering with any type of pain find lasting relief without endless care.

Dr. Kiper attended the National University of Health Sciences located in Lombard IL for his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While at National, he served as the University President for the Motion Palpation Institute, teaching students manual therapy and rehab techniques. He also practiced as a chiropractic intern at The Salvation Army clinic in downtown Chicago.

In addition to his D.C. degree, Dr. Kiper attained his acupuncture license and also received additional advanced post-graduate training in various physical medicine techniques including; McKenzie therapy® (now Mechanical diagnoses and therapy or MDT) Motion Palpation Certified, Dry-Needling, Webster Technique, Graston Therapy and RockTape®.

After shadowing many different clinics, he never felt connected to how most chiropractic and physical therapy practices treated their patients and operated their businesses. So he set out on a mission to create, develop and grow a physical-medicine practice like no other in Chicago. This practice would be “outcome focused” and not “profit focused”. Lakeside Spine and Wellness is the product of that mission.

Dr. Kiper is excited to serve the vibrant north-side Chicago communities of Andersonville / Ravenswood / Lincoln- Square, with a personalized, evidence-based treatment approach. He is beyond thrilled to have found and mentored some of the brightest, caring and talented group of young providers in the country!

When he’s not treating patients at Lakeside, you can typically find him racing sailboats out on lake Michigan, snowmobiling up in the north woods of Wisconsin, dining at restaurants around Chicagoland, biking on the lakefront, and spending time with his friends and family.

Dr. Samuel Pare
Dr. Samuel PareChiropractic Physician / Cert MDT
Samuel Pare grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan before attending the University of Colorado (in Boulder) where he studied Integrative Physiology. Growing up a science nerd, he always knew that he wanted to pursue healthcare, but was unsure of the trajectory he was going to take. He received his Masters in Physiology from the University of Michigan where he realized a traditional job in Western Medicine was not for him. There, he found that he advocates for a more whole-health approach, instilling the need for lifestyle changes over medications and surgery.

Dr. Pare decided to attend The National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois for his Doctor of Chiropractic degree where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. While in his clinical rotation, he worked with Lakeside Spine and Wellness as a Chiropractic Assistant and Rehab Specialist. Since graduating in April 2018, he worked downtown in the Loop. His focus there was in educating his patient-base of business professionals and weekend warriors on effective self-care to reduce pain and increase performance.

Dr. Pare has obtained extensive continuing education and post-graduate work such as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) which he is now fully certified in. Additionally, he received post-graduate education in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), both of which focus on proper joint function, mobility, and core stability. He also obtained a Masters Degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition from the University of Western States.

His passion for health lies in educating patients on the steps needed to ensure a pain-free and functional life, without the need for continuous care week after week. He values the ability of his patients to be independent and focuses on giving them the proper knowledge-base to reduce the need for future care and therapies. He has a natural ability and mind for treating chronic pain, and has helped many patients at Lakeside who have been told in the past that pain management is their only option.

Dr. Pare enjoys exercising, biking, yoga, climbing, and shuffleboard. He loves to cook and explore the Chicago culinary scene with friends and family. On the weekends, he tries to get out of the city as much as possible to enjoy camping, hiking, and boating around the Midwest.

Dr. Ivette Mendez
Dr. Ivette Mendez Chiropractic Physician / Webster Cert
Ivette Mendez is a Chicago native. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. During her time at UIC, she assisted with research concerning the impact of physical activity on the brain health of Latinos and also participated in various on-campus organizations that promoted preventative care.

Her appreciation for preventative care continued after her mother experienced relief with Chiropractic treatment for joint pain due to an autoimmune disease. This health challenge sparked a passion for conservative care that led Dr. Mendez to pursue a doctoral degree in Chiropractic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences.

During her doctoral education, Dr. Mendez spent a year in the Functional Medicine branch of a large multidisciplinary clinic downtown Chicago where she spent over 1000+ hours with patients learning Functional Medicine. In addition, Dr. Mendez attended advanced post graduate coursework including McKenzie Therapy (MDT), Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Functional Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. One on one clinical experiences with patients, incredible mentors, and countless hours of continuing education, have prepared Dr. Mendez to tackle a wide variety of health concerns.

The ability to move the body freely and be active is one of the most important markers of overall health. Her goal is to educate and empower patients to feel well-equipped to manage any and all health obstacles life may throw their way. Dr. Mendez is bilingual and uses that skill to serve both the Spanish and English speaking communities in the Chicagoland area.

In her spare time she enjoys trying new fitness classes, spending time with family and friends, exploring new restaurants, and taking her pup out for long walks.

Dr. Roman Lahr
Dr. Roman LahrChiropractic Physician / Cert MDT
Roman Lahr has always had a passion for health and wellness. He grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Rochester, Minnesota and was first introduced to chiropractic care in high school following a low back and knee injury during basketball season his senior year.

Dr. Roman attended Minnesota State University-Mankato where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. Following graduation, he wanted to pursue his passion of helping others while incorporating his fitness and sports background. That ultimately led him to Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. While earning his Doctoral degree, he obtained extensive extracurricular and post-graduate training in McKenzie therapy (mechanical diagnosis and therapy or MDT) and has completed all parts of this course-work. He is committed to completing and maintaining the highest level of MDT training available, as he understands healthcare and techniques are always changing.

Dr. Roman served as the MDT club president at Palmer where he taught MDT introductory principles to his fellow classmates. MDT is regarded in the scientific literature as one of the best methods of assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions. This assessment utilizes spine and joint movements to further understand and subsequently properly diagnose and treat muscle or joint problems. This assessment allows Dr. Roman to make an extremely accurate clinical diagnoses to ensure the care you receive is fit for the condition you are experiencing.

During the clinical portion of his doctoral curriculum, Dr. Roman served our nation’s veterans at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At the VA, Dr. Roman worked alongside neurologists and the pain management and rehabilitation department to provide veterans with patient-centered care that focused on their specific needs and goals. Following his time at the VA, Dr. Roman spent his last clinical rotation at the BF-Goodrich/ Michelin tire
manufacturing plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with the organization Integrated Musculoskeletal Care (IMC). There, he worked in a multi-disciplinary occupational health setting where he cared for employees suffering from work related injuries. The experience within both clinical settings sharpened Dr. Roman’s assessment, diagnostic and treatment skills.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Dr. Roman spending quality time with his fiancé, out on the golf course, at the gym, or on the couch at home with a good book and a nice glass of Cabernet, or coffee depending on the day.

Ken Cook
Ken CookLicensed Massage Therapist
Ken Cook, a graduate of Cortiva Chicago School of Massage Therapy, has been a working LMT since 2010. As a former NCAA volleyball player who often received treatment for a few nagging injuries, Ken was naturally drawn to the profession because of his interest in the body and the rehabilitative impact that bodywork can have.
Fusing several modalities during his sessions with patients, such as TMJD, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial and Swedish massage; Ken and the doctor’s create unique and individualized treatment plans for each patient’s needs.

When Ken is not working with his amazing team at Lakeside, he loves to spend his free time with his wife and their dog either relaxing at home, playing at the beach, working out, making music with friends and watching or playing basketball or volleyball.

Clayton Hess
Clayton HessClinic Manager / Billing Supervisor
Clayton has worked in the finance and insurance industry for the past 10 years. After being misdiagnosed and put through many rounds of expensive and unsuccessful therapy, Clayton made the decision to transition to healthcare and join a team that puts patient outcomes first.
With his prior experience, he is able to successfully help patients navigate the often confusing insurance plans and medical billing process.

Clayton is happy to be a part of the Lakeside Spine & Wellness team, and is excited to help patients on their healing and wellness journey!

Staci Martinez
Staci MartinezPatient Care Coordinator
Staci is very excited to be a part of the Lakeside Spine and Wellness team! She has worked in the healthcare field for over thirty years with several types of medical specialists in different capacities. She began in patient services and insurance billing and then moved onto working with adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Staci is a volunteer Steward of the Chicago Park District at Westridge Park. She is also part of an online network through the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago that helps foster lost pets until they are either reunited with their owner or are re-homed. When she’s not at Lakeside helping patients with their healing journey, she enjoys driving up to her family’s cabin in Door County, fishing, and equine therapy. She also loves to hang out with friends and family, especially with her wo daughters when they are home from college.

Mary Allen
Mary AllenPatient Care Coordinator
Mary Allen has worked in the medical field for the past 5 years. She started as a medical assistant in geriatric primary care, and from there has found her joy in administrative patient care. She plans to continue her education in healthcare management and hopes to become a hospital director. Mary enjoys sailing and navigating on lake Michigan as a first mate, as well as paddle boarding and rowing. She loves being on the water and giving everyone that comes on the boat the best experience possible. She is delighted to be apart of the Lakeside Spine and Wellness team, giving the best patient care possible.
Catherine Roth
Catherine RothBilling Supervisor
Catherine has worked in the health and wellness industry over the last 10 years. Formerly a professional freelance dancer, she has a background in dance and also teaches Gyrotonic, an holistic exercise system. Catherine is happy to be a part of the team at Lakeside Spine and Wellness and help patients on their health journey.
Clay Conner
Clay ConnerPatient Care Coordinator
Clay Conner moved to Chicago from southern Michigan. He has always had a strong interest in health and fitness, and is excited to join the team at Lakeside.Clay’s other passions include music and acting. He is constantly keeping up with the latest fitness, artistic and health trends, and he loves sharing his knowledge with others.

Clay is extremely excited to help patients get the care and guidance they need and to be a part of the Lakeside Spine and Wellness family!

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