Michael C.'s Review Michael C.
5.0 star rating

Recently I "threw my back out" for probably the 3rd time in my life. Excruciating lower back pain. Despite the pain and inability to move like a human...

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Taylor M.'s Review Taylor M.
3.0 star rating

I wish that I could give this office a glowing recommendation. Unfortunately, I cannot, because I personally had a pretty negative experience here. However,...

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Emil P.'s Review Emil P.
5.0 star rating

Dr. Kiper and the team at lakeside Spine and Wellness are top notch! After just a few visits my low back started feeling better and I now have the tools to...

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Dr. Kiper explained what was causing my pain better than any other
Doctor I have seen in the past 2 1/2 years. His explanation of both
my pain and what I need to do to eliminate it finally made sense to me.
he has a sincere passion for that he does and for his patients.
Natasha M.
Dr. Kiper relieved my back pain! I am back to normal and it feels great!!!!
Sean H.
I’v only had 2 visits with Dr Kiper, but my back hasnt’t felt this great in years!
Chuck S.
Dr Kiper took a lot of time to understand my pain and to work with me
on formulating a plan for treatment beyond just in office adjustments.
Would highly recommend.
Brian E.
Dr. Kiper was an absolute joy to meet. I highly recommend him!
He knows his stuff! I personally have tons of questions and concerns.
He addressed them thoroughly and was highly informative.
I left with a couple at home exercises and feeling better than when I walked in!
He also had many great recommendations on supplements for woman’s health.
I look forward to my next visit, next week!
Elise C.
Just want to shout out Dr. Andrew Kiper for taking at least 30-40%
of my leg pain away and giving me much more mobility in my
calf after just my first session. I was convinced surgery was my only
option, but now I have some hope. And I looooooved the acunpuncture
session that followed my treatment. And, minimal adjustments!
Therese M.
I came to Lakeside Chiropractic with Dr. Kiper a few weeks ago
looking for a solution for my back and shoulder pain.
Never having seen a chiropractor before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Fast forward to today, and I can say without a doubt that coming here
and taking charge of my health was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
While spinal adjustments are certainly a major component, acupuncture
and neutrition play supporting roles.Follow your plan, and you will
be as good as by the time you finish up all of your appointments.
After living with low-to-moderate pain for few years I am completely pain-free today
because of Dr. Kiper’s help. So if you are contemplating going or not, I say go.
You won’t be sorry. Listen to his advice and he’ll recommend a
treatment plan designed especially for you and your body. This has improved
my quality of life significantly.
Uriel I.
Dr. Kiper was great and very professional! Looking forward to feeling better!
Alicia B.
I was suffering from lower back pain due to sports and work related
activities…Dr. Kiper and his establisment were very welcoming.
He was able to diagnose the problem and started treatment immediately.
After visiting him a couple of times and I feel great. Not only did he
treat me in office, he also supplied me with exercises that I was able
to do at home to increase my healing time.
Sean H.
I was on vacation about a year ago and woke up one morning with what I ended
up finding out was a cervical deragement, or disc herniation, in my neck.
It basically made it so that I could barely move my arm, back or neck
on the entire right side of my body.It was excruciatingly painful and scary.
I tought I would need to have surgery to correct the problem.It was that
bad. However, Dr Kiper met with me and, after only a couple visits, was
able to diagnose and centralize my problem. After some intense therapy,
a tear later, it is now completely healed. If I wouldn’t have had Dr Kiper’s
expertise and outside the normal chiropractor box thinking to
help me diagnose and correct my disc herniation, I would have definetely
need surgery. I can’t thank him enough for this. HIGHLY recommended!
George C.
Dr. Kiper was wonderful. I have a professional job that keeps me on my
feet long hours. After a few appointments I was back to work with a
smile. Definitely would recommend making and appointment.
Joseph F.
I have been going to chiropractors for over 20 years due to continual
problems with my L3-L4 and L4-L5. I have had countless adjustments and
most of the time I leave the doctor’s office with lingering pain.
I have been seeing Dr. Kiper for the past few weeks and must say
that I feel relief for the first time in a long time. Making things better,
he is extremely personable and made me feel extremely comfortable.
No pain. Nice guy. The top two things you want in a good chiropractor.
Dave G.