What Our Patients Say About Us!


“I’v only had 2 visits with Dr Kiper, but my back hasnt’t felt this great in years!

Chuck S.

Dr. Pare is the best! He helped me immensely with my shoulder and neck issues. Dr. Pare is very knowledgeable and takes the time to identify the root cause of the issues. What I liked most is that he emphasized teaching movements to help me recover on my own time as well. He is not a chiropractor who wants you to rely solely on him for adjustments. Dr. Pare is very personable and I will definitely be back to see him if any new issues pop up in the future. Highly recommended!

Kerry Corgan

I suffered from crippling back pain to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and I would fall down from sharp pains walking. I met with Dr. Sam and instantly knew I was in safe hands. He took an hour to help me get back to walking. His follow up visits were attentive and professional. I was back to running and working out within 2 weeks thanks to his post-session exercise plan!

Cody Shipp

I started seeing Dr. Pare about a year and a half into experiencing lingering arm pain that I chalked up to a “muscle issue”. Dr. Pare identified (and clearly articulated) that the problem was stemming from my neck, and through a handful of sessions worked with me to address and fix the issue, teach me exercises I can do on my own and ultimately got me back to feeling normal again. Can’t thank or recommend his care enough!

Lauren Mucci

“Dr. Kiper relieved my back pain! I am back to normal and it feels great!!!!

Sean H.

“Dr. Kiper explained what was causing my pain better than any other
Doctor I have seen in the past 2 1/2 years. His explanation of both
my pain and what I need to do to eliminate it finally made sense to me.
he has a sincere passion for that he does and for his patients.

Natasha M.

“Dr. Kiper was an absolute joy to meet. I highly recommend him!
He knows his stuff! I personally have tons of questions and concerns.
He addressed them thoroughly and was highly informative.
I left with a couple at home exercises and feeling better than when I walked in!
He also had many great recommendations on supplements for woman’s health.
I look forward to my next visit, next week!”

Elisa C.