Prioritizing Patient Care Beyond Insurance Constraints


At Lakeside Spine & Wellness we operate outside the restrictive limitations of insurance networks because our core focus is patient care. Our philosophy of care is that each patient’s journey to health is unique, necessitating only the finest individualized and high-quality care, outcome-driven care.

Our Approach to Care:

We consider our patients as partners in their health journey, involving them in their health process. This approach allows us to accelerate patient recovery and avoid unnecessary treatments, sparing them from prolonged and often invasive procedures. Our practice deviates from the traditional, high-volume, insurance-driven models that tend to promote overutilization and extended care.

The Insurance Dilemma: 

Our experience highlights the tendency of insurance-driven models to enforce a ‘one size fits all’ approach to care. We stand apart from these models to uphold our commitment to providing personalized care. This freedom ensures we can dedicate sufficient time to each patient in a comfortable, private setting; delivering care that genuinely makes a lasting impact.

A Personal Reflection – Sarah’s Story:

Many might recognize Sarah from our Patient Testimonial video. For those unfamiliar, Sarah’s journey exemplifies our care philosophy. After a year of ineffective treatments with minimal relief, our tailored care approach allowed her doctor to make significant improvements in her pain and wellbeing. Sarah’s story is one among many that reinforce our commitment to delivering uncompromised, high-quality care, independent of insurance network constraints.

Understanding Out-of-Network Benefits:

Many patients discover that out-of-network benefits may offer substantial coverage, often aligning with reasonable and customary care costs. We are here to explain and clarify out-of-network billing and enlighten our patients on the lifelong benefits and savings that our quality care offers. Our team goes a step above and bills our patients out of network plans directly saving patients time, confusion and headaches. 

Envisioning the Future:

Hopefully, the day will come when the healthcare systems and insurance companies support and reward quality, outcome-driven care. Until then, we maintain our tradition of exceptional care, treating patients with a sense of privilege and duty for their best interests.


Our commitment to great care is unwavering. We operate out-of-network with many insurers because our practice prioritizes individualized treatment plans driven by patient needs. We invite you to join us as we advance toward a future where quality care is paramount.

FAQs About Out-of-Network Care: 

How does out-of-network benefit patients?

It offers personalized care with potentially better health outcomes, free from care restrictions.

Are out-of-network services more costly?

While there might be higher initial costs, these can lead to greater savings over time. 

Could I use my insurance for out-of-network care?

Most of the time, Yes! Many plans offer out-of-network benefits covering all or a part of the costs. 

Can I use my HAS/FSA at an out-of-network provider?


Do we plan on joining additional networks?

At this time, we have no plans to join additional networks. While we’ve made efforts to expand our network affiliations, the compensation offered by these plans do not adequately cover our operational costs. Additionally, these plans often restrict the duration of treatment sessions. We believe in giving every patient the time they deserve to express their concerns fully—without feeling rushed—because understanding and addressing your needs is crucial to us. Unfortunately, many of the treatments we provide cannot be billed under these plans either. Our commitment is to offer uncompromised, high-quality care, and staying out-of-network allows us to maintain these standards and prioritize your well-being. 

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