Reiki Energy Healing: A Great Addition to your Wellness Toolkit 

Hi, my name is Metta and I am the newest member of the Lakeside team serving as your patient care coordinator. As a Reiki Master, I am really passionate about sharing this modality with the community that has assisted me on my healing journey.

Reiki is a safe and effective technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It has been used for thousands of years to treat various health issues, such as physical pain and emotional imbalances. Using energy healing techniques such as reiki, we are able to address energetic blockages before they manifest in the physical body.


How does it work?

Reiki can be given through laying hands on the recipient or hovering hands over the body. Using channeled life force energy or “Ki”, the practitioner serves as a vessel for the client. As one is receiving the energy, it is common to feel tingling, warmth, and energy circulating throughout the body.


Reiki can help:

  • Create relief from chronic pain

  • Increased mental clarity

  • Increase energy levels

  • Reduce tension and anxiety

  • Spiritual growth and development

What is the difference between Reiki and other energy healing modalities?

Although all healing energy comes from the same source, reiki is unique from other energy healing modalities. Originating from Japan, it has its own unique history and lineage. As opposed to other modalities, practitioners need to become “attuned” to reiki, meaning the energy is passed down to them through training and rituals. For those who have worked with the energy, it has a distinct feeling of love and wellbeing.

What to take from this post: 

  • Reiki is a safe and effective technique used to treat various health conditions including chronic pain and emotional stress.

  • It is distinct from other energy healing modalities and has its own unique feeling and style.

  • It is a great addition to any existing emotional and physical wellness practices.

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