Supplement Counseling and Sales


Pharmaceutical-grade supplements/vitamins that help support the immune system, cellular recovery, free radical defense and reducing inflammation, play a large role in wellness, recovery and prevention. Most people in the Midwest are highly deficient in Vitamin D (even in the Summer time) and low in other essential nutrients such as Magnesium. Our food supply in this country gets more and more toxic every year (with depleted soil nutrients from over farming), killing off good bacteria and natural flora in the gut. The gut is key to proper immune defense and overall health!

Supplements/vitamin sales in the United States is a billion dollar industry and very much unregulated. Taking poor-quality, store-brand/Amazon sold supplements for example, can actually do more harm than good to vital organs and actually reduce your bodies ability to produce certain nutrients naturally.

At Lakeside Spine & Wellness, we use only the best pharmaceutical grade (high absorption rate) highly tested and regulated supplements for our patients.

Talk to Dr. Andrew Kiper, Dr. Samuel Pare, Dr. Ivette Mendez or Dr. Roman Lahr from Lakeside Spine & Wellness about your supplement regime at your next visit.

An individualized, cost-conscious supplement plan can be tailored for your needs!


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