Working From Home: part 2

Lakeside’s second blog post of our new series will continue the discussion of working from home (or, WFH). This month we will focus on POSTURE.

Posture seems to be the cause of and solution to all the of the world’s physical pains today, and as always there are more questions than answers when it comes to posture.

⦁ Is there such a thing as “perfect posture?”
⦁ Does “bad posture” cause pain?
⦁ What can we do to improve our posture?

As with most things the answers are complex. We will attempt to simplify these concepts for you so you may easily optimize your workspace and routines while working from home.

Is there such a thing as “perfect posture?”

The simple answer is NO! The best posture is really your NEXT POSTURE! The goal is variety, and lots of it. Have you been slumped over your desk for two hours? Stand up. Do your hips feel tight? Throw your laptop on a coffee table and hop into a half-kneeling position for a bit.

Can “bad” posture cause pain?

Poor posture most definitely can be a cause of low back, neck and peripheral joint pain. Sitting with our heads jutted forward looking at computer screens all day puts large amounts of force on the soft tissues and joints of the neck and upper back. Imagine what would happen if you pulled your finger back almost to the point of pain for 6-10 hours a day, eventually there would be pain. This is what we do to our spines every day while sitting in static positions.

How can we set ourselves up for success?

Pay attention to the postures and positions you find yourself in daily. When seated at your desk are you looking up or down at your monitor? Does your chair make it difficult to sit with a neutral spine? If you feel like your work set up is keeping you in one position all day, switch it up!

Embrace variety!

Have an adaptable set up. There are great inexpensive options for adjustable height desks online. Try to cycle from your desk to the floor and your couch regularly. Use a lumbar roll on your low back to maintain good lumbar curve and support. If you notice one position irritating things, take a break and adopt a new one! Variety is the spice of life and that goes for posture too. Any position held for too long can cause discomfort and pain.

Check out Dr. Pare’s video on changing up your positions while working from home for inspiration!

Check out Dr. Koch’s video on using a lumbar roll properly at home.

What to take from this post:

⦁ Our bodies need movement, and no one posture is good.
Change up your positions at home throughout the day.
⦁ Use supportive devices such as lumbar supports and standing desks.

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